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Safe transport is for everyone!

AI-GTS Ltd. aims to promote safe transport. Be it a car, a motorcyclist, a truck, a bus, a bicycle, a scooter, a pedestrian, everyone is safe! That’s why we created the Safety Eye system, which provides support to all road users.

Not just for motorists!

Many are surprised, but the Safety Eye device isn’t just available for quadricycles. It has a cordless shape that can also be connected to a scooter, bike or motorbike. Thus, the system can give them real-time feedback, send an emergency notification and analyze their traffic habits, send a daily statement about it and send training material for development.

An additional feature of the Safety Eye system is that you can see exactly where your vehicle is in the application and on the web interface (if you have the device in it). So if we forget where we parked or maybe our vehicle was stolen, we can see exactly where it is.

Free registration

For families

In most families, more than one person uses the same vehicle. Safety Eye handles this easily as well. Multiple profiles can be connected to a device, ie a vehicle. Before departure, a family member who is currently using the car enters the Safety Eye app, indicating that He or she will be driving. The system documents the route, which only appears in the profile of the family member who drove the car. This way, more people can use the system with one device and subscription.


Also with a fresh license!

One of the challenges of being a parent is when a child who grows into a young adult gets a license. The Safety Eye system can support the first independent driving experience, provide feedback and help you improve. A young person with a fresh license is given independence and parental reassurance. The system supports its development and supports it with an alarm in case of an emergency to prevent a possible problem.



There is a need for a change of attitude in transport, as we are present on the roads with more and more means of transport, while the accelerated world, technological means, is increasingly losing sight of driving. Motorists with Safety Eye can take advantage of the full road safety support system. The device analyzes the technical data and movement of the car, so it can give feedback on the driving technique. And over time, it provides users with personalized learning materials to support their development and help them learn to drive fuel-efficiently and in a car-friendly way.

The more road users use the Safety Eye, the more accurate artificial intelligence can predict potential hazards. That’s why it’s important for as many people as possible to join the Safety Drivers camp.

The Safety Eye app can also be installed on android and iOS devices, running in the background while driving and immediately notifying the car driver when an emergency is detected. you get reassurance. The system supports its development and supports it with an alarm in case of an emergency to prevent a possible problem.


Did you know?

In 2021, 66% of personal injury road accidents were caused by cars. 30% of these accidents were due to speeding, while 25% were due to disregard for the right of priority. We believe that accidents can be prevented! Join the Safety Drivers group!


Of the road users, bus and coach drivers are perhaps the most responsible, as they are responsible for the safety of their own passengers as well as those of other road users. The attention of drivers should not wane for a moment, as even a small mistake can have serious consequences. The Safety Eye system can also do a great service to them by drawing attention to the danger or weather changes along the route.

The functionality of the Safety Eye system will be continuously improved so that it will later categorize system users in the light of safe driving technique. You will be able to indicate if there is a driver near you who is worth keeping a longer tracking distance.


Did you know?

Did you know? Although the fewest accidents are caused by bus drivers. According to the latest statistics, everything 114. bus driver caused an accident. We believe that accidents can be prevented! Join the Safety Drivers group!

Truck, truck

Most of the time truck and truck drivers spend on the roads. Drivers with many years of experience have a great deal of insight into the behavior of transport operators. Like the artificial intelligence running behind the Safety Eye device, they are able to recognize which driver is worth taking care of. But even the most experienced driver is unable to spot every little moment on the road. The Safety Eye tool can also give them extra security with emergency forecasts.

And in the Safety Team community, they can share their experiences with other transport participants, from which others can learn and develop a transport culture together.


Did you know?

Did you know? In 2021, trucks caused 8% of personal injury accidents. At first glance, this number seems small, but our goal is to be 0%! Join the Safety Drivers group!

Engine, scooter

Motorcycles and scooters are a popular means of transportation, especially in cities, as traffic jams are easy to avoid while driving quickly and freely. Despite its advantages, it is one of the most dangerous types of vehicles in terms of safety. For vehicles with a diagnostic port, the Safety Eye can be connected directly to the on-board unit. Otherwise, a special device for measuring the technical and movement data of the vehicle can be used to analyze traffic habits and send emergency reports in the same way as the plug-in version.

The Safety Eye cordless device can operate without charge for about two years, and we will provide a new device to our subscribers after discharge.


Did you know??

Did you know? Did you know? In 2021, motorcyclists were responsible for 8.7% of personal injury accidents. We know this seems like a low number, but our goal is to bring this ratio close to zero over the years. Join the Safety Drivers group!


The motorbike and scooter are a popular means of transportation, especially in cities, as traffic jams are easily avoided, while The Safety Eye gives cyclists an extra visibility in addition to the prism and lamp. Other road users who use the system will be notified by the device if a cyclist is driving in front of them on the road, so they can be noticed and watched in time. The Safety Eye cordless device is easy to place in the bike frame, providing non-disturbing and even invisible protection. However, like a device connected to the OBD II port, it can provide feedback on our traffic habits, suggest areas for improvement, and send an emergency alert if you experience one on the road.


Did you know?

Did you know? Cyclists account for 10% of personal injury accidents on the roads. So after motorists, cyclists cause most road accidents. We believe that this number can be reduced to zero. Join the Safety Riders Camp!

Scooter, electric scooter

The roller is becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation, whether it is a foot-operated or electric version. The difference is mostly in speed, as the electric scooter can travel at speeds of up to 25 km / h. Visibility and noticeability are of paramount importance in order for the other participants of the transport to perceive our presence in time. The Safety Eye can help us with this too, as it signals to other Safety Drivers on the road that we are on the road.

The electric scooter represents a radical change in traffic. In order to be part of that transport culture and to be able to drive it safely, dialogue is important. We look forward to all rollers on the Safety Team community platform to begin a dialogue on this topic as well.


Did you know?

Did you know? In 2021, 10% more electric scooters were sold than bicycles. That is, more and more e-scooters are appearing on the roads. It is important that other transport actors can adapt to this mode of transport as well. Join the Safety Riders Camp!


The Safety Eye aims to ensure that all road users, including those traveling on foot or by public transport, are as safe as anyone on the road. Anyone can create their own free traffic profile and take advantage of the system.

Know yourself and your family safely, whether you’re playing sports outdoors or on the go. By downloading and using the Safety Eye application, you can notify others of your presence. This way, other transport players can pay attention to us while running uphill on a roadside slope, for example.

Join a group that supports safe traffic and talk to members of the Safety Team. Use the learning materials provided by Safety Learning and improve yourself


Did you know?

Did you know? In 2021, pedestrians caused 3.6% of personal injury traffic accidents. We believe that any accident can be prevented. Join!


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Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!

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