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Installation in vehicles consists of only four steps.

  1. Remove the device cover.
  2. Insert the SIM card as shown.
  3. Close the SIM card lock.
  4. Replace the device cover.
  5. Connect it to the diagnostic port in your vehicle. DO NOT worry, it has a total of 4 locations in the vehicles that you need to search for in the locations below. It is typically marked with a different color (white, yellow, purple, blue, green). It’s striking and it’s the only dust that the Safety Eye in your hand fits in!
  6. The device activates automatically, you have nothing else to do with the vehicle! This is indicated to you by two green LEDs flashing. All further steps are included in the e-mail sent by the system!

If the vehicle (and / or means of transport or transport operator) requires special equipment and its location, for example: tractor, machine, locomotive, boat, airplane, horse-drawn carriage, pet, bird, stag, handcart, tram, bus, tower crane, chameleon, golden hamster, etc .. We help you to find your way around the placement of the unique device and provide users with a separate guide!

In the case of pedestrians, cyclists and auxiliary motorcycles, our service can be used with a simple application that can be installed on a telephone and with a single registration. In these cases, the above instructions can be disregarded, and the service can be used with the telephone after installation.


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